"Outsports: What is your interest in the whole same-sex marriage debate and why do you feel so passionately about it? Barwin: It comes from my parents and my family. I have an older brother [Joe] who is gay. I would like to think I would feel as passionately even if I didn’t [have a gay brother], but obviously that has been an influence on me. I just embrace diversity and it stems from my parents. I’ve seen how important it is to my brother and have watched how it’s changed over time and how it’s changed in the NFL and how much more people are beginning to understand and accept gay people in all different areas of life. I feel I can make a stand in the position I’m in, especially in such a masculine sport and hope my support can maybe have a small effect on helping to change people’s minds."

Houston Texan Connor Barwin on marriage equality, his gay brother and NFL culture – Outsports

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